Marc Pierre-Louis - YouTube : Bestiality is increasing among humanity : Let Me Know Your Opinon (
This blog is dedicated to information about bestiality increasing among african genetic peoples and among humanity we would like your comment and video evidence that you have found if you are a women who have bestiality sex post a video of the evidence and explain why you have bestiality; and anyone who see such video evidence I want you to comment on what do you think about bestiality spreading among humanity and what are you going to do about it.
  • Marc Pierre-Louis what do you think about this god dog logo displaying the right hand path and the left hand path of gods name if you read it right it says god if you read it left it says dog; gods kind is an animal transformer and are not mankind and are not the friend of mankind but the eaters and rapers of mankind.
  • Marc Pierre-Louis For Example look at this women and these two dogs that is about to bestiality fuck rape her do you think this evil that is spreading inside of apartment buildings and home need to be destroyed I do; such bestiality cannot be allowed to spread among humanity furthermore; I think even eat these dogs will eat this women as they are hound dogs that eat mankind as a food literally women are becoming bestiality rape fuck bitches to mere dogs; and the spirit world largely have something to do with it this problem is not only physical it is brought upon by spiritual warfare against humanity by evil gods, evil devils, evil devas, evil animals, and evil universe entities that dwell in all things including the animal species; if you are a women performing bestiality post the video of you personally having sex with the animal and write a report of why you practice bestiality and who caused you to perform bestiality with mere dogs; and if you see such a video I want you to comment on the video and give us your opinion. Any bestiality posted on this website must be educational because sensorship of such evidence cannot save humanity but humanity must see the full evidence of sincrime to believe it with their eyes and senses.